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Michael Bian


Michael Bian is a freshman student at Emory University studying neuroscience and behavioral biology on the premed track. He plays the piano and french horn, and is currently a member of Emory's Symphony Orchestra.


Richard Lee


Richard Lee is a sophomore at Emory studying Biology and English on the premed track. While he originally began playing the piano, and then violin, he ultimately fell in love with the guitar during his junior year of high school in Guitar Ensemble. He's been playing ever since and enjoys performing for elementary school students. In his free time, Richard enjoys swimming, reading, and going out to eat with his friends!


Damisi Akinpelu

Director of Marketing

Damisi Akinpelu is a first-year at Emory studying Neuroscience & Behavioral Biology on the premed track who hopes to minor in music. He has been a pianist for ten years and loves any work by Chopin. In addition, he also knows a little guitar and enjoys composing solo works for piano. He has a heart for service and has spent many years serving as both his school's worship team keyboardist and church's youth ministry keyboardist.


Alexis Suk

Director of Performance

Alexis Suk is a freshman at Emory University studying Biology on the premed track. She plays the violin and studies classical voice. In her free time, Alexis enjoys baking and hanging out with her friends!


Chris Kopreski


Chris Kopreski started playing piano when he was 5 years old. Over the years, he accompanied choirs, played piano for pit band and jazz band, and hosted bi-weekly performances at retirement homes. He loves to compose as well, dabbling with audio engineering. Chris is a founder of Emory Musician’s Network - an organization that connects musicians with resources and opportunities that partners with C4C. 

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