Youth Center Music Therapy

Join us in performing music therapy at local youth centers, and help us introduce kids to the joys of music. Juvenile prisons in particular are often overlooked when finding places to conduct outreach. However, we recognize the potential that music can bring to all children, no matter their background.

Instrument Donation Drive

Help us organize and coordinate our instrument donation drive to the People's Music School in Chicago. The program provides free music education and instruments to underserved children from inner-city Chicago!

New Ideas?

We are always open to new ideas of outreach. If you feel that your idea resonates with our mission, please let us know via e-mail or leave us a message at the bottom of the page.

Assisted Living Music Therapy

Join us in performing music therapy at local assisted living facilities. Music has healing effects that can trigger wonderful memories and even improve hearing and speech conditions. This is a great way to use your musical talents to better the community.

Pediatric Patient


A number of students and families in the Stevenson Fine Arts community have fought cancer over the years and made great sacrifices on the road to recovery. The strength and perseverance of these individuals have inspired us to start this fundraiser.

Expanding Music Education

Directly teach young children how to play music. We will visit community centers, local libraries, and after-school programs in underprivileged areas. Some music experience is required.

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